The Secret of How Search Engine Works

What is search engine?
The search engine is an informative online tool it has huge data on their server when the internet user searches the query on the internet.
The search engine to find out the best relevant data show you on the Search engine result page based on the algorithm is known as a search engine.

There are many search engines are there in the market most famous search engines are Google, YouTube, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, amazon.
How search engine works?
The search engine works on 3 bases each of the following step by step process.
1. Crawling 
Let look at one by one 

1. Crawling
Crawling is a bot or spider software that visits the website crawling website source code and webpage it crawls in-depth visiting every webpage links then it understood about website content
If you want to crawl your website soon then submit your webpages manually on google search console.

Once spider crawl the website it stores huge data on their local server 
Index understand every website content then it divides into group or category 
Such as news, sports, movies, foods, finance, etc indexing make proper category it keeps in their main server as which websites are related to which topics/content

The user when search query on google
 search engine create result on SERP
It is the process of checking every data then indexes based on their algorithm pick the best relevance result.
When it comes search engine ranking factor
You must follow google guideline and algorithm 
are you thinking about how to rank on google?
Just now you understood how a search engine works right!!!

Now we can look at google ranking factor what we can do?

Your website should be relevant content 
• You have chosen relevant keyword
• User mobile friendly 
• Optimize your website with keywords
• build backlinks 
• page speed
• usability
• content optimization 
• domain authority 
• condition your website has unique content, good user experience

The Secret of How Search Engine Works

What is search engine algorithm 2020

every search engine algorithm unique rules and guidelines when your website want to rank on search engine result page you have to follow their guideline as per search engine algorithm what not to do?

• Poor user experience
• Duplicate content 
• Plagiarism
• Thin content 
• Keyword staffing 
• User-generated spam 

As per google if your website wants to stay safe

Check duplicate content across your site
• Check for plagiarism 
• Identify thin content 
• Audit your site for keyword staffing

Author: Lokesh Bydigitalmarketing