Planning to sell gold for cash? Important factors to consider

In India, selling gold items is a common practice. People trade this yellow metal against cash when in extreme need of money or financing some significant transactions.

So, before you set out to sell your gold ornaments, consider these essential factors to get the best price for your precious ornaments.

Collect invoice

A best legal gold buyer always interrogates about the invoice once you trade cash for gold items. Suppose you visit the same shop from where you usually purchased. If there is any discrepancy about pureness, the retailer is not in a situation to say something, as the details of that are clearly stated in the invoice.

Don’t act on impulse

Thoroughly assess every piece of jewellery that you want to sell. Most pieces of gold ornaments have some sentimental value. Make sure that sentimental value does not surpass the price that you will get. Ideal pieces of gold to consider are earrings with a missing pair, broken items, or old items with no sentimental significance.

What’s it worth?

You must have a better understanding of the worth of gold that you want to sell. So, it is required to request quotations from multiple buyers. As there is no conventional approach to know the sold price, there can be some variations in the quotations received. Visit various gold buyers shops and websites and make sure to collect at least three to four quotes to examine the worth of the gold items and go with the highest price possible for trading gold to cash.

Check for purity level

Before you sell gold, it’s vital to check for its purity. Karat meter effectively measures the purity of the gold. The value of gold is estimated on the karat system. So, make sure to get the correct estimation first.

Read the fine print

If you wish to use a mail-away service, make sure you read the terms and conditions. Find out how long will it take before you get reimbursed and how long the buyer will keep your gold before melting it down. Take photos of your pieces before sending and make sure you hold on to all associated paperwork and filings.

Protect yourself

Before leaving your jewellery with a potential buyer, make sure to check the company’s reimbursement policy in the event of a loss. If the value is significant, remember to get an appraisal first!

Decide the ultimate cost

Deciding the ultimate price for gold ornaments is one of the essential tasks to consider. Gold buyers in Ahmedabad and other major locations, first of all, melt the gold. The remaining gold, which is free from any impurities, is occupied for decoding the actual price. The entire process is carried out at a minimum charge deducted from the gold items’ concluding charge. Ultimately, it is assured that once you sell your gold, you will be losing the total labour charge you had paid during purchase time, including the tax paid. It is observed that the selling price of the gold tends to be lesser than the purchase charge by 6% to 7%.

Confirm the final gold price

Gold buyers have various methods to examine gold purity, such as the electrical conductivity test, the acid test, or the XRF test. Moreover, some buyers also melt the ornaments and filter the gold to determine purity and weight.

Shop around

Remember, you don’t need to jump at the first offer for your gold. Look around for a few different bids. To ensure you are getting the most desirable price for your jewellery, have it appraised before selling. It may cost you more upfront; however, your jewels may be worth more than their weight when you include artistic value and embedded gems for the piece as a whole.

Make your jewellery to have the hallmark sign

It is essential to make your ornaments with the hallmark sign. Hallmarked gold jewellery has the BIS logo, which indicates that its purity is verified in one of the authorised laboratories. It will ensure that you get a reasonable price from the buyer.

Get realistic

For most people, selling gold ornaments will not make you rich. It might, however, take care of your emergency funds requirement. Remember that you will only be getting paid for the amount of gold in your ornaments.

Where to sell

You can sell gold in Ahmedabad to leading gold buyers as it increases the chances of getting the right amount for your gold. Several leading gold financiers buy gold and sell gold online.


Several well-known companies, such as Muthoot Gold Point, offer attractive prices for your gold items. It is quite convenient to sell your gold and secure funds without much hassle.