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By Patrick Imialek

1809 (birth) - Jakob Ludwig Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy is born in Hamburg on February 3rd to Abraham Mendelssohn (who later changed his surname to Bartholdy), a wealthy banker, and Lea Salomon, a member of the influential Itzig family.

1812 (age 3) - The Mendelssohn family moves to Berlin.

1815 (age 6) - Mendelssohn begins to take piano lessons from his mother.

1816 (age 7) - Mendelssohn is baptised as a Lutheran and he takes the additional names of Jakob and Ludwig. He is sent to Paris to take piano lessons from Marie Bigot.

1817 (age 8) - Mendelssohn studies composition with Calr Friedrich Zelter in Berlin.

1818 (age 9)- Mendelssohn's participation in a chamber music concert was probably his first public concert appearance.

1822 (age 13) - Mendelssohn writes his first published work, a piano quartet. He makes the acquaintance of Goethe and begins to take lessons from the piano virtuoso Ignaz Moscheles. In addition to music, Mendelssohn's education included art, literature, languages and philosophy.

1824 (age 15) - Mendelssohn composes the Symphony in C minor (op. 11), his first symphony for full orchestra.

1825 (age 16) - Composing the String Octet in E-flat major, Mendelssohn demonstrates his genius.

1826 (age 17) - Mendelssohn composes an overture to Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. This work and the String Octet are the best known of his earlier compositions.

Mendelssohn begins studying at the University of Berlin, where he attends Hegel's lectures on aesthetics, Eduard Gans's lectures on history, and

1827 (age 18) - Die Hochzeit des Camacho, Mendelssohn's only opera, premieres and is withdrawn after one performance.

1829 (age 20) - Mendelssohn finishes his studies at the University of Berlin and travels for the first time to Britain. There, Moscheles introduces him to influential musical circles. In the summer Mendelssohn traveled to Edinburgh, where he became acquainted with John Thomson.

1835 (age 26) - Mendelssohn is appointed as conductor of the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra.

1837 (age 28) - Mendelssohn marries Cécile Jeanrenaud on March 28. They will go on to have five children: Carl, Marie, Paul, Lilli and Felix.

1842 (age 33) - Mendelssohn composes his now famous incidental music to Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. He also composes the Scottish Symphpony (Symphony No. 3).

1843 (age 34) - Mendelssohn founds the Leipzig Conservatory and convinces Moscheles and Schumann to join him.

1847 (age 38) - Felix Mendelssohn dies in Leipzig on November 4th after a series of strokes. He is buried in the Trinity Cemetery in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

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