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Leo Tolstoy

Sketch as a schoolboy

1848, age 20

1851, age 23

1854, age 26

1863, age 35

1868, age 40

1873, age 45, portrait by Ivan Kramskoy

1887, age 59, Tolstoy in the Ploughland by Ilya Repin

1900, age 72, with Maxim Gorki

1902, age 74, with wife Sofia Andreevna Tolstaya

1908, age 80, playing chess with family

1910, age 82, with Mikhail Bulgakov

With Chekhov, date unknown

Playing chess with unknown man, date unknown

With granddaughter, 1900s

Reading, date unknown

With wife, date unknown

With wife, date unknown

With wife, date unknown

With granddaughter, date unknown

At Yasnaya Polyana, date unknown

Playing tennis with family


Portrait by Nikolai Gay

Seated, date unknown

1910, age 82, on his deathbed

1910, memorial service



Painting of Tolstoy's wife Sofia Andreevna Tolstaya and his daughter Alexandra Tolstaya



Estate at Yasnaya Polyana, Tolstoy's home

Tolstoy's grave in Yasnaya Polyana

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