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Fyodor Dostoevsky

As an engineer between 1841 and 1843, age 20 - 22

An 1847 sketch, age 26

After exile, date unknown

1860, age 39

1862, age 41

Date unknown

1879, age 58

1872, age 51, portrait by Vasily Perov

Date unknown

Date unknown

Date unknown

Date unknown

1881, age 60




Maternal great-grandfather

Maternal great-grandmother

Mikhail Andreyevich Dostoevsky, father

Maria Fyodorovna Dostoevsky, mother

Mikhail, older brother, 1847

Mikhail, older brother, 1860

Portrait of Maria Isaeva, first wife

Maria Isaeva's son, Pavel Isaev, stepson

Anna Grigorievna Snitkina, second wife, 1860
Anna Grigorievna, 1878

Anna Grigorievna with Dostoevsky's children, Fyodor Fyodorovich and Lyubov Fyodorvna

Anna Grigorievna as widow, date unknown



Moscow Marinsky Hospital for the Poor, Dostoevsky's birthplace

House in Darovbe, where Dostoevsky spent his summers as a child in the 1830s

Omsk penal colony, where Dostoevsky served four years hard labour

Barracks in Omsk penal colony

Casino in Wiesbaden, where Dostoevsky played roulette

House in Staraya Russa, where the Dostoevsky family lived in the 1880s

Dostoevsky's writing desk

Apartment building where Dostoevsky died in 1881

Dostoevsky's death bed

Dostoevsky's grave at the Alexander Nevsky Monastery, St. Petersburg

Dostoevsky monument before the Russian State Library, Moscow

Dostoevsky monument in Omsk, Siberia



Death for Dostoevsky by Alton Tobey, Life Magazine, 1950s

A drawing of Dostoevsky's mock execution, artist and date unknown

Dostoevsky's notes for Chapter 5 of The Brothers Karamazov.

Dostoevsky's signature

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