Best Romantic Flowers to Make your Partner Smile

Flowers are great communicators of our love and passion towards people that mean the most to us. They bring positivity to our lives by bringing the aspects of beauty, fragrance and colours into our lives. Love, affection, devotion and gratitude are intense emotions that can be beautifully expressed using flowers. When we look at a flower, the first thing that strikes our mind is the appreciation of nature and god that have created such a beautiful, charming and enchanting creation. To the ones with our heart, flowers can be a great gift at different stages of your life.


Birthday flowers & gifts have always played an essential part in our celebrations; let it be birthdays, weddings, or other important days. Our partners are one of our most vital support systems. They are there to celebrate our highs and give us a shoulder for our lows. They love us beyond words, knowing the weak strings they still chose us over anyone else. But sometimes we take our partners for granted and tend to forget the fact that we need to cherish them at every step of our lives, and that we need to make them realise how important they are for us.


So, how do you plan on making them feel special and loved? We have some of the best flowers that can help you express your love to your partner on every beautiful day of your togetherness.


Tulips are the representation of perfect love. Tulips have their origins in central Asia and have gained most of their popularity in Turkey. They are tied to the Turkish as well as Persian legends of the love between Shirin and Farhad. Tulips are the first blooms of Spring season and can also represent rebirth. Different shades of tulips have variant meaning associated with them such as:

A pink Tulip is associated with confidence and happiness.

A Purple one symbolises royalty.

A yellow tulip perfectly represents positive thoughts, and so on.



Peonies are beautiful and fluffy flowers that represent romance and prosperity. They are also considered good luck charms, and so is an excellent way of letting your partner know that they are the good luck charm of your life. Peonies are associated with Greek Mythology as Apollo turned Nymphs into peonies to sneak them without hinting to Aphrodite. Another myth states Paeon as the student of the god of medicine Aesculapius. Either way, this fantastic flower cannot be left out of this list regarding the amazing meaning that it holds and because it is a beautiful creation.


Red Roses:

Roses are some of the most celebrated flowers of all. They are elegant and beautifully charming at the same time. The velvety red petals are the perfect epitome of undying love and affection towards our partner. For ages, Red Roses have helped us celebrate beautiful moments with our partners, including weddings, valentine’s day, and many more. Roses are the representation of true and passionate love. Red is the colour of passion, and red roses are the perfect gift to cherish a long-lasting love.


Also termed as Lent Lilies, daffodils are some of the early bloomers of the springtime. Usually, as you give a bouquet of blossomed Daffodils, it represents that they are the only one in your life. Daffodils can also be associated with new beginnings or rebirth and can be gifted to someone you plan on proposing.


If you want to express your pure love towards your partner, a white carnation can do the trick beautifully. These flowers have been used as floral ornaments by the Greeks for long, and the Latin word for Carnations means the “flower of God.” Carnations can also be used to represent fascination, which makes them the perfect flower for new lovers. These flowers come in a variety of natural colours, and each has its meaning.

Flowers are indeed the best gifts by God to humanity. Just the view of a blooming flower in the morning is enough to make our heart shine from within. Flowers can lower your stress significantly, so it is studied that keeping a vase of natural flowers in your living area can be extensively beneficial for your health. Nowadays, with the help of online floral stores, you can simply buy flowers online on a daily or frequent basis to keep your house looking and smelling beautiful. These have also given us the luxury to pamper our loved ones no matter where they are. So, go forth and order that beautiful bouquet of red roses online and send them directly to your partner’s doorsteps and the smile that this small gesture brings on their face will be a reward in itself.