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Written by Peter Imialek


1861 (birth) - Konstantin Alekseyevich Korovin is born in Moscow on November 23 into a merchant family. His father Aleksey Mikhailovich Korovin has a degree from Moscow University and is interested in arts and msuci.

1875 (age 14) - Korovin enters the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, where he was taught by Vasily Perov and Alexei Savrasov. While in school Korovin establishes lifelong friendships with his peers Valentin Serov and Isaac Levitan.

1881 (age 20) - Korovin spends a year at the Imperial Academy of Arts in Saint Petersburg.

1882 (age 21) - Korovin returns to the Moscow School and studies there under Vasily Polenov.

1885 (age 24) - Korovin travels to Paris and Spain and is shocked by the popularity of Impressionism. He returns to Russia and works for Mamontov's Opera House, designing stage decor.

1888 (age 27) - Korovin and Mamontov travel first to Italy and Spain, and later to Northern Russia.

1894 (age 33) - Korovin travels to the North for a second time.

1896 (age 35) - Korovin designs the Northern Railway pavilion at the All Russia Exhibition at Nizhny Novogrod.

1897 (age 36) - Korovin's son Alexey is born.

1900 (age 39) - Korovin designs the Central Assia section of the Russian Empire Pavilion in the Paris World Fair and is awared the Legion of Honour by the French government.

1909 to 1913 (ages 48 to 52) - Korovin takes up a professorship at the Moscow School.

1923 (age 62) - Korovin moves to Prais to cure his heart condition and help his handicapped son Alexey, who had both his feet amputated in his childhood due to an accident.

1939 (age 78) - On September 11th, Korovin dies in Paris. Korovin's son Alexey becomes a notable Russian-French painter but commits suicide in 1950.

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