On February 24th...

1582 - Pope Gregory XIII announces the Gregorian calendar.
1597 - Vincent Voiture, French poet, is born.
1607 - L'Orfeo by Claudio Monteverdi, one of the first works recognized as an opera, premieres.
1619 - Charles Le Brun, French artist, is born.
1666 - Nicholas Lanier, English composer, dies.
1704 - Marc-Antoine Charpentier, French composer, dies.
1711 - The London premiere of Rinaldo by George Frideric Handel, the first Italian opera written for the London stage.
1786 - Wilhelm Grimm, German philologist and folklorist, is born.
1836 - Winslow Homer, American artist, is born.
1842 - Arrigo Boito, Polish-Italian composer, is born.
1848 - King Louis-Philippe of France abdicates the throne.
1852 - George Moore, Irish writer, is born.
1885 - Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz, Polish writer and painter, is born.
1918 - Estonian Declaration of Independence.
1920 - The National Socialist German Workers Party is founded.



Well Said

"God knows, people who are paid to have attitudes toward things, professional critics, make me sick; camp-following eunuchs of literature."
Ernest Hemingway
Letter to Sherwood Anderson (23 May 1925)



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February 24th, 2009


A Northern Idyll at a Tea Table in a Boat

By Konstantin Korovin

A Northern Idyll
Oil on canvas
The Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

At a Tea Table
Oil on canvas mounted
on cardboard

Museum-Estate of V. Polenov, Tula region

In a Boat (Portrait
of the artist Maria Yakunchikova and

Oil on canvas
The Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow


Eugénie Grandet (1833)

By Honoré de BalzacPierre-Auguste Renoir, Young Woman Braiding Her Hair, 1876" style="width: 248px; height: 300px; float: right;" class="PopBoxImageSmall" title="Click to magnify/shrink" onclick="Pop(this,50,'/');"/>

... At two o'clock in the night he had gone back to his study. He had dismissed the servant after the candles were lighted, and throwing himself into a low chair by the hearth, he hid his face in both hands.

Never had he felt such weariness of body and of spirit. He had passed the whole evening in the company of charming ladies and cultivated men; some of the ladies were beautiful, almost all the men were distinguished by intellect or talent; he himself had talked with great success, even with brilliance... and, for all that, never yet had the taedium vitae of which the Romans talked of old, the 'disgust for life,' taken hold of him with such irresistible, such suffocating force. Had he been a little younger, he would have cried with misery, weariness, and exasperation: a biting, burning bitterness, like the bitter of wormwood, filled his whole soul. A sort of clinging repugnance, a weight of loathing closed in upon him on all sides like a dark night of autumn; and he did not know how to... more


Franz's Miscellany

By Franz Schubert


Ave Maria
Enrico Caruso

Public Domain


Der Hirt auf dem Felsen
Montserrat Alavedra, William McColl & Joseph Levine
CC-by-sa 2.0 EFF OAL


Ellens dritter Gesang
Dorothea Fayne & Uwe Streibel
CC-by-sa 3.0


Francis Wheatley, Helena and Count Bertram before the King of France, 1793" style="width: 207px; height: 300px; float: right;" class="PopBoxImageSmall" title="Click to magnify/shrink" onclick="Pop(this,50,'/');"/>All's Well That Ends Well

His sole child, my lord, and bequeathed to my overlooking. I have those hopes of her good that her education promises; her dispositions she inherits, which makes fair gifts fairer; for where an unclean mind carries virtuous qualities, there commendations go with pity,—they are virtues and traitors too:
in her they are the better for their simpleness; she derives her honesty, and achieves her goodness. more




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Today's Gesamtkunstwerk

Jean-Baptiste Lully's haunting and eternal rendition of the Folia.

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