Various Animation Types And Their 3 Benefits In Online Marketing

The animation is being used for various marketing and entertainment purposes each day. For TV shows and video games, as well as for advertisement and case study, animation provides benefits that are seldom matched by any other sort of content. That is why the demand to make them is increasing as we speak, and many animation agencies are working around the clock to match the supply with demand.

However, besides their role and implications, animation videos require an astute amount of work to make. From object design, character animations and even motion capture, making an animation video come with its fair share of hassle. While using animation might seem like a good idea, first it is important to understand the best type of animation to use first. Therefore, let us dig in and understand the types before we analyze the benefits.

Types Of Animation

There are a few types of animated videos that stand out. However, each one has a leading trait and provides a certain array of benefits. So, let us break them down into various parts.

●       Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animations are simply made on a plain whiteboard, explaining complex things. The reason why this has become a famous type is because of its simplicity and minimalistic design elements. Mainly employed in social media or YouTube videos, Whiteboard animation is one of the best ways to explain complex topics. According to an expert of whiteboard animation agency the reason why it is popular is that it’s cost-effective and easy to make.

●       Explainer Videos

Much like whiteboard animation, explainer videos are famous for pretty much the same reason. Not only because they make intricate topics easier to understand, but also because they are easier to make and do not cost a lot. Furthermore, this is a popular type used in YouTube and social media advertisements. But, the primary employment of this video belongs in the infographic section, as it makes things easier to understand.

●       2D Animation

2D animation has become extremely popular since its inception decades ago. However, since then, it has seen many revamps and many people use it according to their own taste. Some of the 2D animations feature a lot of design elements, while others depend on only a few. However, it depends on your requirement and taste.

●       3D Animation

Advertisement is made easier with 3D animation as it costs half as much as a live-action video and does not take as much time. But, the reason why it is not employed as much on the internet is that it costs more than the aforementioned types. That is why this type is mostly used in mainstream entertainment like games and movies.

Let’s Talk About Benefits

Now that we understand the variety of types and their roles in online marketing, let us dive into the benefits.

●       Great At Engagement

One of the many reasons that animation has become extremely popular is because it is great at engagement. This means that the users who watch it are higher, compared to other visual content types.

●       ROI

Out of all the content types that you can invest in, the animation is the one that promises the return on investment higher than any other.

●       Various Uses Across Multiple Platforms

As mentioned throughout the article, animation types can be used across many online platforms.


So, these are the top animation types and their benefits. However, it all depends on your usage and online marketing goals.