5 Tips to Help Students Save Money

You might be the nerd and buried your nose in the books. It is time to reflect some time on your money spending schedule. Are you spending recklessly, or you have a spending plan?

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The monthly tracking can be the best of all the steps to manage your finance on your budget planning. You can see the big picture of the money through budgeting. In this way, you can make reliable saving and spending decisions.

Plan a Budget: 

Create and compare the spreadsheet of all your savings and expenses for your upcoming year. You must check if your income is more than your costs. You must take all the steps to save your money in the forthcoming year.

Monitor your Spending: 

Use a budget app or track your spending wisely. Track what you are spending to know the spending pattern, know where your all money is going, and create the amendments you want.

Different wants and Needs: 

It might seem a simple distinction, but you must be surprised to know the ability and rationalize it to know about your spending decision. Saving more money can only give you the room for more budget orientation.

Don’t take your Budget Lightly:

Budget planning might be the easy part, and the execution is brutal. But it would help if you remembered that such things are not permanent. The other side means dynamic. You must update yourself with such changes.


University might be expensive, and more burden will be added to you while in January or September. In these times you must have to buy books or the tuition fee for classes.

Watch free Money:

Although money is not on trees; therefore, you must have to find places where you can get it for free.

Smartly Pay for your Fees:

Don’t pay for your housing fees or the tuition fee with your credit cards. It is because it will add a total more burden to your spending pattern.

Don’t waste on the Meal Plans: 

If you are in residence and following the meal plan, then the best thing is to use the basic meal plan in your home in the dining halls, where you have the discounted plans on everything.

Sell the Textbooks: 

Once you have completed your textbooks, it is best to sell them back on the discounted option back to the UBC bookstore or the discounted books or give the students who need them.


Your most significant monthly expense might be your food. While planning, you must go to the costliest option.

Cook at Home:

You can save a tremendous amount of money while spending. Easily, you can save vast amounts of money.

Buy the Stock:

When you are buying bulk, you can save a considerable amount. You can go to the grocery for the packages. Extra food in the plastic can save you from later spending and freeze it for better use.

Make your Coffee: 

If you are thinking of buying coffee every time, you might be spending too much on coffee only.

Discounted Coupons: 

Use the coupons as much as you can. It can reduce grocery bills.


In the consumer culture where we are living, everything is tempting to want. Hence, resisting temptation is the best way to save money.

Avoid Impulsive Buys: 

The best thing to do is to differentiate between something you need and want. If you’re going to spend on luxury items, you must check your budget first while you think you can afford it.

Check the Student’s Discounts: 

There are several restaurants and shopping malls offering discounts to the students. However, not all of them advertise. In this way, you must not be afraid to ask the store employee. You must have your student’s cards ready.


To make your university life enjoyable, you must make your social life more enjoyable. But the real fun is to enjoy without breaking the bank.

Select the Activity that Won’t Cost you Anything:

You can go cycling, sightseeing, hiking, or you can walk in the park. Moreover, the activities that can take adventures to nature are best.

Take the time to Wander the Campus Attraction: 

There are several options for the enrolled student in the Aquatic center, fitness center, Museum, and others.

A Club: 

University also offers clubs which are also a great way to indulge yourself in the activity. Moreover, there are thousands of clubs, and they are always at social events.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help: 

Mostly the students are afraid to reach out to the people who can offer them help. It is not too late when you are already facing financial troubles. You must avoid doing this. When you are strapped for cash, you must reach out to those who can help you. Your family will play the best role in this regard. Also, your grandparents are there to send you the loan or the money.


Your student’s life is the best to learn, especially to understand budget planning as well.